Getting Kids on Track to School Success


The mission of Student Advocacy is to get students on track to graduate by advocating improved educational opportunities, protecting educational rights and fostering effective communication between families and schools.

Advocating for Individual Children

Student Advocacy promotes a more complete understanding of each of our client’s educational needs and then advocates for maximum educational benefits under the law.¬†Our goal is to change the youth’s services and supports at school, to the extent that the law supports, so that the school becomes a positive place for the child’s development and education.

For families who can’t register their child in school, we ensure that the family and school know where the child is entitled to attend school and support the parents through the school registration process.

For students whose academic struggles have been significant, we seek to improve academic and/or special education supports and interventions.

For students with significant behavioral and disciplinary issues, we try to reduce the loss of school time and establish alternative strategies to school suspension for managing the child’s behavior.

Advocating for Changes in Policy or Practice

Through our individual casework, we often identify school policies or practices that are barriers to student success. Past policy projects have addressed bullying, alternatives to suspension and lack of intervention for students who are chronically absent.