Getting Kids on Track to School Success


Student Advocacy has consistently achieved outstanding results:

86% or more of the families reported that after receiving technical assistance from our staff, they went on to successfully advocate for their child.

We helped develop a better understanding of the child among parents and school staff:

97% is the average grade given to Student Advocacy by parents who have used our service.
95% is the average grade given to us by professionals who have worked with us to help a family.

Results for Kids

A few months after completing our service, we ask parents to report on changes in their child’s school progress. Four factors are key to school success and graduation: good attendance, good behavior at school, academic progress and the child’s attitude. Parents’ reports indicate the effectiveness of our services. Their children had already improved at school after only a few months.
89% of the children had a better attitude towards school.
88% were attending more regularly.
84% had improved academically.
80% had better behavior at school.