Getting Kids on Track to School Success

Staff & Board of Directors

Student Advocacy is the only agency in our area that provides educational advocacy services based on the combined expertise of attorneys and educators. The staff consists of an Executive Director, an Assistant Director, a Legal Director, Educational Advocates, a Policy Advocate, Development Associate and Administrative Assistants.

As one of the advocates explains: “I meet with families, gather as much information as I can, observe children learning, talk with school personnel, attend meetings and hearings, negotiate with school attorneys, and often help families and school authorities to come to an agreement. If necessary, I refer children for educational or psychological testing – whatever it takes to make sure that they receive the education they’re entitled to. My bottom line: no matter how young the child or how difficult the problem, I want to see that child on track to eventually graduate from high school.”

Student Advocacy’s Board of Directors provides the leadership and support to ensure that the agency continues to provide high quality services in accordance with community needs. The Board of Directors oversees the Executive Director, approves the annual budget, monitors the agency’s finances, and spearheads the agency’s ongoing strategic planning process. The members of the Board also actively raise funds on the agency’s behalf.


Board of Directors

Jill Bernstein President

Jeanne Kennedy Vice President

Tatiana Leltchouk Vice President

William L. Schecter Treasurer

Linda Wetchler Secretary

Board Members

  • Lucille Accetta
  • Adrianne Bonifacio
  • Carole Chaimowitz
  • Linda Flaxer
  • Elaine Gantz
  • Judd Henry
  • Meri Adler Hilton
  • Diane Hirschberg
  • Carolyn L. Kay
  • Barbara Kessler
  • Avra Mark *
  • Lucille Oppenheim
  • Debbie Palmer, DO
  • Andrea Potash*
  • Dr. Sanford Proner
  • Stephanie Reiner
  • Barbara A. Rosenzweig
  • Cora Rust
  • Michele Shepard-Jellinek
  • Allison Stahl
  • Lindsey Willis



Lisa Syron Executive Director

Caroline Fairchild, Development Director

Stefanie Shabman, Esq. Legal Director

Carole Boccumini, Esq. Senior Educational Advocate

Judith Callan, Esq. Educational Advocate

Janine Montoni, Esq. Educational Advocate

Edith Rosenbaum, Esq. Senior Educational Advocate

Meryl Rosenblatt-Fleisher, Esq. Educational Advocate

Alana Steinberg, Esq. Educational Advocate

Maria Suchy-Kozak Educational Advocate

Karen Blumenthal Policy Advocate

Zachary Rozenblat IT & Data Associate

Renee Renna Development Associate

Lois Solomon-Neal Administrative Assistant


Advisory Panel

  • David Alpert
  • Janice Feldman
  • Eric Hemel
  • Dr. Jason Herrick
  • Ronald Jacobson, M.D.
  • Adam Kintish
  • Theo Liebman, Esq.
  • Mary Moriarty, Esq.
  • Iris Morse
  • Joanne Ruckel
  • Emily Gold Waldman, Esq.