Getting Kids on Track to School Success

For Families

Student Advocacy’s goal is to get kids on track to school success. We assist parents in obtaining the most comprehensive response to a child’s educational needs that is allowable under the law.



•  foster greater understanding of the child’s educational needs
•  strive to build better communication between home and school
•  help families link to other needed services outside of schools
•  advocate educational services that lead to school success

We address educational issues related to:

•  significant academic failure
•  school registration and guardianship
•  transportation
•  disciplinary issues
•  disabilities and special education
•  medical conditions
•  probation
•  return to school from foster care
•  juvenile justice issues

Providing Services

We are extremely effective in getting results that ensure your child will get his or her educational needs met.

How Do We Do It?

1. We have worked with thousands of students, so we understand the educational challenges that students face. We have addressed the same issues that your child is facing many times.

2. We gain the trust of all parties. We have a good relationship with schools, psychologists, and professionals in the special education community, the juvenile court system, the mental health system and others. We are able to leverage everyone’s expertise to help your child.

3. We have a process that is effective. We know exactly what the educational law provides, how to craft a plan that will be adopted and whom to talk to see it through.