Getting Kids on Track to School Success



Learn How to Effectively Advocate for Your Child

This series of workshops is presented by Student Advocacy’s professional staff. All presenters bring experience providing educational advocacy services to hundreds of children in addition to their knowledge of education law and school procedures.

• Workshops can be brought to your group free of charge. Honorariums are welcome.
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Bring a workshop to your group! The workshop on bullying issues – Promoting Dignity and Respect for All Students – is available to parent groups for free courtesy of a grant from the Westchester County Youth Bureau.


A Parent’s Role in the Special Education Process 

Presenters: Carole Boccumini, Esq. & Monica Mandell, LMSW

Since special education services must   be tailored for each child, the law can’t simply list services. Instead, it   establishes a process for developing an individualized education program.   Learn about the special education process and most importantly, the critical   contributions that parents can make.


Promoting Dignity and Respect for All Students

Presenter: Edith Rosenbaum, Esq.

Bullying in schools has been widely   recognized as a barrier to learning. In July 2012 New York State adopted the   Dignity Act, an anti-bullying law that is designed to protect school children   from bullying, discrimination and harassment.

How will this new law work to protect   your child? What actions must your child’s school take to protect your child   from being bullied? We will examine the effects of bullying and how the   Dignity Act aims to prevent bullying.


The Do’s and Don’ts When Facing an Out of School Suspension

Presenter: Stefanie Shabman, Esq.

Learn what to expect at a Superintendent’s Suspension Hearing. Should you have an attorney? What issues can be addressed?  Past disciplinary problems? A disability? What’s at stake in a suspension hearing?

Get advice on what to do when facing an out -of-school suspension.


Transition Planning for 14 to 21 Year Olds

Presenter: Maria Suchy-Kozak

By the time a special education student reaches age 15, his or her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) should include a transition plan to prepare for leaving high school. Exactly what is it and who does it?

This workshop is for parents who need to know how to get started or feel stalled in the process.  Come hear how Transition should work and what you can do now for a better outcome.  Our goal is for you to leave the workshop knowing what your next steps are.


Understanding the Effects of Trauma on Students

Presenter: Alana Steinberg, Esq.

Up to 50% of today’s youth have   experienced or witnessed traumatic events in their lifetime. Exposure to   trauma –such as domestic violence, physical or emotional abuse, death, divorce, or incarceration of a parent — can have serious implications on a   student’s ability to succeed in school.

This workshop will explore the ways   in which trauma can impact a child’s behavior, academic performance, and peer   and teacher relationships. It will also discuss what can be done to help   support these children in the academic setting.