Getting Kids on Track to School Success

What’s an OTO?

An “OTO” is our affectionate name for the Overcoming the Odds Award.  This awards program was created by Student Advocacy in 1996 and has been continued annually since then. Four honorees were recognized at our OTO Awards Dinner on May 4th, 2017.

What Do the Awards Accomplish?

The OTO Awards program has achieved many of our original goals. Each year, through the awards program, we are able to:

Recognize four outstanding students who have overcome the odds to school success.

• Promote greater sensitivity within schools to the needs of students struggling to overcome the odds. Over 350 letters requesting nominations are sent to encourage schools to identify students who have overcome the odds.

• Encourage and support district efforts to recognize and support students who are trying to overcome the odds. The Peekskill City School District initiated its own Overcoming the Odds Awards modeled after ours.

• Bring greater awareness to the entire community — through the public presentation of the awards and media coverage–that investments to help youth overcome the odds can be successful.


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