Getting Kids on Track to School Success


Each school year, Student Advocacy serves about 1,000 children and teens through a range of programs. Throughout our services, we work to ensure that

  • All children are engaged in school and complete their education so that they can become fully participating adults who are able to continue their education.
  • Children’s perspectives are heard and respected.
  • Parents gain confident relationships with school staff, able to trust that their concerns will be heard and that their children’s problems will be addressed and resolved early.
  • Students’ problems are approached as opportunities to help them solve problems, strengthen school engagement and teach critical life lessons.

Schools and community services are evolving to meet the changing needs of children and equipped to embrace and engage all children.

Overcoming the Odds: Educational advocacy services are provided for child at-risk of school failure and dropping out. Many of these children are from low-income families.

A Better Education for Hispanic and Immigrant Children: Educational advocacy services are provided to families who are Hispanic and/or recent immigrants to resolve registration problems and ensure that educational needs are appropriately addressed despite language barriers and/or lack of information from a foreign school system.

The CLASS Project: Services to address the hurdles facing low-income families.

Ability Beyond Disability: The one common thread among disabilities is that the child may need special instruction or accommodations to participate in school. Beyond disability, they have a wide range of abilities and can be extremely smart and talented. In this project, we provide educational advocacy services for children with disabilities to obtain appropriate school services, including challenging opportunities to learn.

The Right Start Project: Services to ensure that young children are engaged in learning and receiving appropriate educational services towards the critical goal of becoming an adequate reader by the end of the third grade.

Kids in Transition: Educational advocacy services address students’ in transition from foster care, homeless shelters and other circumstances.

Smart Start: Educational advocacy services are provided for young children with attendance problems to get them on track in school. Provided in partnership with United Way of Westchester and Putnam.

All Kinds of Families: To strengthen the capacity of families to effectively advocate for their children, we provide information to parents through workshops and publications.

Attendance Works: This policy and community service initiative promotes regular school attendance.

Dignity for All Students Advocacy: Services to combat bullying including educational advocacy for children targeted by bullies, educational advocacy for children disciplined for bullying and training for parents. This project is supported by Westchester County’s Invest in Kids Fund.

Solutions Not Suspensions: Suspension from school puts children at significant risk for academic failure and is an invitation into the school-to-prison pipeline. Better alternatives exist, which also create safer schools. This project includes two prongs: policy advocacy to promote alternatives to suspension and representation of students at school suspension hearings.