Getting Kids on Track to School Success

How Can You Help

Become a friend of Student Advocacy by making a donation. You can make a general contribution or support one of our projects such as one focusing on young people with developmental disabilities, children who are learning disabled or ADD, youth with serious emotional problems and school problems, or students involved in the juvenile justice system. See Our Programs. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Other Ways To Support

Be an advocate for kids whenever you can. When you vote, volunteer time, or give a donation, ask the number one question: “Is it good for kids?”

Volunteer at Student Advocacy  Contact our Executive Director at to explore one of the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Board of Directors
  • The Overcoming the Odds Awards Selection Committee
  • Committees for Upcoming Events
  • Volunteer Educational Advocates – due to the training involved, we only entertain attorneys who commit to volunteering 10 hours per week for one year.
  • Office support/data entry

Support our Overcoming the Odds Awards Dinner, our annual event which takes place each May. Community volunteers help us select the student honorees, arrange the dinner, and run the silent auction and raffle. We hope that you will attend the dinner and bring your friends. You can underwrite part of the event’s cost, place a message or ad in our Dinner Journal, or donate an item or service to be used as a prize in the raffle or auction.

Introduce Student Advocacy to your place of work. Your company may have a matching gifts program, a United Way Campaign, a gifts-in-kind program, or a foundation. Perhaps there is a wellness day or other program at which Student Advocacy could make a presentation about how we help families.

Arrange for Student Advocacy to speak to the members of a club, organization, church or synagogue that would be interested in the work that we do.