Getting Kids on Track to School Success


For the past three decades, we’ve been working tirelessly on behalf of students in Westchester and Putnam Counties to get them the educational services that they need. And our work has made a huge difference in their lives.

Students who faced a variety of obstacles to learning, beyond the imagination of most people, have gone on to thrive in school. A child who was orphaned and then sexually abused by a  foster parent, a child with disabilities who was ridiculed by classmates, and a child who bounced from relative to relative due to his own parents drug addiction all went on to thrive with the right support.

Many of the children we help were so discouraged that they had almost given up on school. Fortunately, they were helped by one of our Educational Advocates. As a result, school staff began to understand and respond to the child’s real needs rather than his or her reputation. And with our support, a plan to provide school services and supports that truly address the child’s needs was put in place. The child’s school experience was transformed. Student Advocacy is the catalyst for that change. Students gain new opportunities to learn and exprience achievement beyond their dreams – graduating from high school when the expectation was absent, finding passion and direction despite a chaotic life, and developing hope out of desperation, frustration and fear.

Support Student Advocacy and the students and families we serve. Your donation goes far to help students in need to gain new opportunities to learn.

Your donation supports:

•  Advocacy for individual students to get them on track to school success.
•  Programs specifically designed for different demographic groups.
•  Publications such as our book, 101 Answers, a Parents Guide to Special Needs Services in New York, published in English and Spanish.
•  Campaigns to spread awareness, make it easier to recognize problems earlier and get needed help.
•  Advocacy to address school practices or policies that stand in the way of students’ success.

Student Advocacy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible. (Purchases are tax-deductible to the extent allowed under the law.)

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